The VIP Experience

Virtual Impact Photography (VIP) today launched a remote photography and coaching service that mirrors a professional studio photoshoot experience for headshots and personal branding.


A VIP experience lets clients feel comfortable and safe in their own surroundings while a professional photographer coaches them afar for the best poses, and best lighting and most effective setting before the photographer snaps the shutter remotely. 

Photos taken during a virtual photoshoot are actual live mobile camera shots in the client’s own environment, NOT screen shots or fake backdrops. The photoshoot is conducted in real time anywhere in the world. It is managed by the photographer who guides poses, angles and lighting then snaps the shutter .

The process includes pre-shoot preparation to set the client's iPhone ready for the shoot, the photoshoot, digital proof sheet review, digital refining, and final delivery of license-free digital files that the client may use freely for online use.

Are you ready for your first Virtual Impact Photo Experience? Get in touch and we'll make this an unforgettable Experience. 

"I‎ had‎ a‎ great‎ experience‎ during‎ my‎ virtual‎ photo‎ shoot.‎ I‎ felt‎ very‎ encouraged‎ and‎ supported‎ by‎ Linda‎ during‎ our‎ session. ‎


I‎ am‎ excited‎ with‎ the‎ finished‎ product. Linda‎ brings‎ a‎ lot‎ of‎ value‎ with‎ her‎ knowledge‎ of‎ light‎ and‎ shape.‎ It‎ ‎ REALLY‎ makes‎ a‎ difference." Read more of her testimonial.  Rebekah Floyd Style

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