The VIP Experience

A Virtual Impact Photography (VIP) Experience combines Internet Photography with live coaching, instructions and Professional editing.  The results are Branding and Headshot Photography comparable to a live Professional session.


Together we determine the headshots, branding and product shots needed to meet your business and marketing goals. We conduct the online photoshoot at your determined location, select the shots and shortly after, you receive the Professionally Edited photos.

Are you ready for your first Virtual Impact Photo Experience? Get in touch and we'll make this an unforgettable Experience. 

"I‎ had‎ a‎ great‎ experience‎ during‎ my‎ virtual‎ photo‎ shoot.‎ I‎ felt‎ very‎ encouraged‎ and‎ supported‎ by‎ Linda‎ during‎ our‎ session. ‎


I‎ am‎ excited‎ with‎ the‎ finished‎ product. Linda‎ brings‎ a‎ lot‎ of‎ value‎ with‎ her‎ knowledge‎ of‎ light‎ and‎ shape.‎ It‎ ‎ REALLY‎ makes‎ a‎ difference." Read more of her testimonial.  Rebekah Floyd Style

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