Virtual Back to School Album Photoshoot

Fritz Twins

Many parents are home schooling their kids and want to have the opportunity to capture them for their annual school photos without the risk of exposing them to Covid. 

"For kids that are home-schooled, or are participating in distance learning, school pictures might otherwise be out of the question. Linda has made it possible that families do not have to miss out on all of the fun photo memories, just because of social distancing. A huge thank you to Linda for making this a fun experience for our family!" Kimberly Fritz


Virtual Graduation Photoshoot

2020 University of California Davis  

Emma K Graduate

"I think the virtual photoshoot worked really well and was easy considering it was through FaceTime. I felt comfortable especially with Linda coaching me how to pose and where the mobile camera should be.


I trusted her with all of that -  she's a professional. Thank you (Linda) again for doing this , I am excited about the photos!"

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Professional photography captured virtually wherever you are.

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