• Linda Kazares

Seriously? A cropped photo is good enough for professional use?

😨 The results of my recent poll are surprising and perplexing.

The question I asked is...

'How do you currently handle employee headshots in remote locations (i.e., multiple or home offices)?'

Responses were jarring for many reasons. Check this out:

🤓 38% Selfies 😉 28% Studio or on-location 😊 11% :-[ Virtual (not surprising, it's an emerging option) 🥳️ 23% Cropped from another photo

The fact that very few of the respondents have professional headshots on LinkedIn was shocking.

I know. I checked every one of the respondents to see if their answers matched up to their headshot quality.

Selfies and cropped headshots from a party or reunion DO NOT work for those who want to project a professional image.

I wonder if an individual who has posted a selfie or cropped photo thinks the viewer can't tell it isn't a professional portrait.

The point of this article is...

Book your complimentary appointment. What have you got to lose!

On-location and studio present the image of someone credible and professional... ...ditto Virtual headshots.

Virtual sessions work particularly for those who cannot attend a studio shoot or are hunkered down for the latest pandemic surge.

Get your headshot updated on location, in a studio or at a virtual photography won't be sorry.