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      Tell me this isn’t a brilliant idea!

Last week I had a photoshoot to freshen my headshots, and I’m so pleased with the results.


I didn’t have to leave home.


   Maria Tomas-Keegan

Translating your image and brand visually by working with you on-location and virtually.
What my clients are saying...

Virtual Branding "My Virtual photography session with Linda was amazingly fun and easy. I was so excited to see such great pictures as a result!!! Linda knows how to help navigate and direct. I absolutely recommend getting your virtual pictures."

Daniella Borgialli, Argentina

Virtual Headshot - "Linda is a true professional! As a "remote" virtual subject, I was a little nervous about how everything worked and would the photos actually turn out. I can say she handled everything beautifully. Her passion for her art comes through.  I highly recommend Linda."

Pam Iacovo, Executive

Virtual Branding "Linda is the consummate professional. Her love of photography shows through each beautiful picture that she takes. Her attention to detail is remarkable! Linda is efficient, delightful and an extreme pleasure to work with!"

Claudine Land, Alabama

Virtual Branding "I felt very encouraged and supported by Linda during our virtual photography session. I am excited about the finished product. The value she adds is her Photography knowledge of light and shape, REALLY makes a difference." 

Rebekah Floyd, Stylist

Daniela Borgialli


Pam Iacovo


Rebekah Floyd


Claudine Land