Personal Branding

Using photos to market and advertise your brand not only positions you as an expert in your field but it gives your clients and audience a more authentic brand experience.

Whether you're a small business, an entrepreneur or company of any size I have a clear sense of the visual branding needs in the business world. Personal brand photography can take your vision to the next level. 

Where can you use visual branding for your company?



Having professional headshots is critical and something that most professionals do infrequently. These images are used on business cards, websites, brochures and more. They may be in use for some time. Remember the saying, "You only have one opportunity to make a first impression?" This applies to investors, peers, potential customers, PR and marketing.

Updating your photos is also important to consider as you grow and change through the years and throughout your career. New images can also offer welcome new attention, renewed interest and new impressions. The photo will be seen a lot and it's important that is be the best professional representation of you possible. 

Where will you use your updated headshot?

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