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We're specific and targeted to...

Create sponsorship strategies and offers that support industry relationships and revenue objectives
Develop agendas
that meet information, education and social goals that demonstrate your expertise
Recruit speakers
that provide high-value content which will attract your target audience

Linda is that rare combination of deeply incisive thinker and effective doer. She has forgotten more about how events work than most people can ever hope to learn. Linda never sees issues in isolation. She looks deeply enough into things to see, and work with the connections. Her execution is flawless. Steve Cross, Americas Channel Manager at Atlassian

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we collaborate with you to...

Demonstrate ValueWe work side by side with your company to deliver valuable opportunities and content with agenda design that solves the challenges and information needs of your audience. We provide practical solutions and enhance your true value to them. 

Build Trust
Our speaker recruitment planning creates a halo effect that exhibits the understanding of your audience, their needs and interests.  We match your product, audience and purpose for an event with the right speakers who will reflect your company as an influencer and expert. You are your audiences' trusted source.

Exhibit Leadership
We will support your industry leadership through strong sponsorship programs.  We can design programs that expand your customer base and attract prospects by associating you with other high-value companies through sponsorship