When planning for a professional photoshoot there are many steps to consider and questions to answer...

Personal Branding & Headshot Photographer

​​"Without Linda, we would not have had the most fantastic cover for our Arizona United States Program book.  She took the time to create a cover photo that would rival Cosmo, Vanity Fair, or the New Yorker.  She made sure the subjects were located and looking in the right position for the camera.  The highlights and position of the camera to get the best light and atmosphere for the photo. We couldn't have chosen a better photographer." Donna Mason & Melissa Mason ~ Co-Directors, Arizona United States Pageant

Linda Kazares Photography 

Define upfront who will be part of the final photo decision process ~ management, department specific, ad agency, other ~ because their initial input will define the final outcome.

    • Why professional photography for your business?

    • What are you trying to communicate? 

    • How will the photos support your brand?

    • Who's the target audience(s)?​

    • Who and/or what will appear in your photos?

People (employees or models), product, props etc.

    • How will you use the photos? Marketing, fund raising, branding, program promotion, appreciation.

    • What do you want photographed and why? Employees, portraits,  facilities, decor or more.

    • What is the deliverable from the photographer? Digital, editing, database management, print (booklets, cards advertising, sponsor support)