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When planning for a professional photoshoot there are many steps to consider and questions to answer...

Define upfront who will be part of the final photo decision process ~ management, department specific, ad agency, other ~ because their initial input will define the final outcome.

    • Why professional photography for your business?

    • What are you trying to communicate? 

    • How will the photos support your brand?

    • Who's the target audience(s)?​

    • Who and/or what will appear in your photos?

People (employees or models), product, props etc.

    • How will you use the photos? Marketing, fund raising, branding, program promotion, appreciation.

    • What do you want photographed and why? Employees, portraits,  facilities, decor or more.

    • What is the deliverable from the photographer? Digital, editing, database management, print (booklets, cards advertising, sponsor support)


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